It all started one Christmas when I was in the US with my family. Wanting to create a memorable experience, I ordered a karaoke machine as a gift for my niece.Little did I know that this decision would spark my determination to revolutionize the karaoke industry.


Birth of a Vision

The karaoke set I bought turned out to be a letdown. The product was falsely advertised as a karaoke machine with a screen, but it was actually just a tool to connect to a karaoke app.

Within an hour, the audio started skipping randomly, and the Bluetooth connection was unreliable. One microphone stopped working entirely, while the other worked intermittently. This experience made me realize the urgent need for a truly reliable, high-quality karaoke machine.

creating some beautiful things and delivering them into people's hands.

——Toby, Creative director & CEO


Journey of Perfection

Part one

Our journey was not without obstacles. We visited over 1,000 families to understand their needs and preferences.

We successfully integrated a built-in microphone charging system and achieved a perfect balance between power and weight. The sleek design, optimized volume, and clean lines made our machine stand out from the crowd.

Most importantly, it featured a built-in screen, ensuring that users could fully immerse themselves in the karaoke experience without relying on additional devices.

pioneer, not follower

Driven By Love

We also believe in creating a welcoming and inclusive community around karaoke, where people of all backgrounds and skill levels can come together and have fun.